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Using Textbooks

Link Turkish Textbooks for Foreigners are prepared by Ayşin Önder based on language skills of A1 and A2 levels (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) for beginner students – both young adults and adults – who are learning Turkish as a foreign language.

Link Turkish Textbooks for Foreigners offer a rich context supported by a workbook, listening tracks, online video lectures and videos introducing various elements of the language and culture, as well as blog articles.

The textbooks contain 7 chapters and each chapter is divided into sections according to the order of the topics. In the “Let’s Learn” sections of each chapter, the grammatical constructions mentioned in the chapter are examined. In the “Let’s Write”, “Let’s Speak” and “Let’s Listen” sections, reading, writing, speaking and listening activities on chapter topics are given. And finally, the “Let’s Watch” sections contain videos in which lingual and cultural elements of the chapter topics are introduced. As part of the “It’s So Turkish” project, these videos aim to teach the students the communicative language constructions of Turkish while introducing the various elements of Turkish culture. These videos are supported by the blog articles written by the author on the subjects.

These textbooks are a compilation of materials prepared and implemented by Turkish teacher Ayşin Önder since 1998 for her lectures, and updated with the feedback from her students. The contents of the books will also be updated based on the feedback from the users.

For more information on “It’s So Turkish” short film project and broadcast channel, you can visit www.soturkish.com web page.